About Us

Our Goal 

To provide you the patient with quality oral health care with a  relaxed experience grounded in comfort and respect , both physically and emotionally. If we can work in laugh or two to lighten your day we would be delighted to accommodate. In addition we have a Certified Therapy Dog on staff ( Bode, a Golden Retriever) should the desire to 'shake a paw' overtake you. If allergies exist we will restrict his presence. 

Equipment & Procedure

We provide every modern convenience. WiFi is available but we ask you to restrict phone conversation to the reception area.Also to respect other patient's privacy no pictures please. 

From massaging operatory chairs to diagnostic and surgical lasers, cosmetic laser whitening, as well as 3D digital radiography. This not only enhances your visit but the quality of care we can provide. We have Velscope technology for Cancer screening and where necessary we are comfortable performing the biopsy for you and work with the Histopathology department at the Royal Jubilee Hospital. 

Family Dentistry 

What does that mean? Simply that we enjoy the broad spectrum of oral health care from infants to seniors and all ages in between. Also in an oblique manner it implies for us at least that our patients are important in they are our dental family and will always have our highest priority. 

Silent Expectations

We try extraordinarily hard to stay on time. We realize everyone's time is valuable and we respect that. To that end please arrive on time and I will be sure to do the same. Also in the fine print one will find we require 2 full business days for cancellations ( excluding medical issues and emergencies).


Simply put if you are in pain and need to be seen today, you will be attended to. If after hours or on a weekend, our answering service has my emergency number to call. If we are away or at courses we will have someone we trust on call to look after your needs. 


As in any area of health care we may find it necessary and in the patient's best interest to discuss potential referral for a second opinion or treatment by a specialist. 

Although we are delighted to work alongside any of our specialist colleagues these are a few we generally recommend. 

  • Endodontics: Dr Ha
  • Periodontics: Dr O'Neil
  • Orthodontics: Dr Moldez 
  • Oral Surgery: Dr Nagy
  • Dermatologist: Dr Lupin
  • Prosthodontist: Dr Keyes