Oral Diseases Associated with Women

[removed][removed] 1. Sjorgren's syndrome: more prevalent in women (9:1) this autoimmune disease affects salivary & lacrimal glands plus exocrine glands. Most adverse symptom is xerostomia (dry mouth) along with glossodynia ( painful tongue) and atrophy (loss) of papillae on the tongue. Xerophthalmia, in that the eyes are dry and a intolerant to light. Treatment may involve one or more of NSAIDS, corticosteroids, salivary stimulates or substitutes along with protective fluoride rinses or varnishes.

2. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: another autoimmune disease wherein these antibodies attack connective tissue in multiple organs ( joints, skin, kidney, heart & blood vessels). Average age is 31 with disease 8-10X more frequent in women. Arthritis is common along with fever, fatigue, myalgia & malaise. A butterfly rash about the nose and malar region presents itself in 40-50%. Oral lesions are very common resembling lichen planus and/or apthous ulcers along with angular cheilitis. Treatment protocol is similar to Sjorgren's syndrome with possible use of systemic steroids.

3. Burning Mouth Syndrome: rare disorder manifesting as recurrent burning sensation in anterior or posterior mouth. It begins acutely as scalding or tingling pain along with altered taste sensation. Women are affected 7:1 with 90% postmenopausal with a duration of months to years. Secondary BMS may demonstrate xerostomia, candidiasis (fungal infection), tongue thrusting/biting and bruxism (grinding). Many patients exhibit depression, anxiety and mood disorders. Treatment may involve B12, anti-anxiety & antidepressants drugs, along with avoiding carbonated beverages, alcohol, cinnamon, mint & tobacco.